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Maybe I shouldn’t have said I was going to try and write a new post each week this year. I have written one time since then and that post never made it to the website.

How could have we known how much our lives would change in 2020? Really?

It feels like we have lived a full year in the last two months.

Everything is uncertain. People with birthdays are having zoom parties (raise your hand if you didn’t know what zoom was before the pandemic). We have friends who have spent numerous hours planning their weddings without the certainty that they will be able to get married. They are even uncertain if they can get married in the courthouse since most courthouses are closed. Students not having graduation ceremonies, and classes canceled until further notice.

Hopefully, everyone is keeping their spirits up during this time. Change sucks. However, change gives us the opportunity to grow. I have been off work most of this week. This has given me the opportunity to try some different things. For starters, I turned my phone off three days ago and have only turned it on once (I have my IPAD that phone calls can come through and my mac book pro – I am not an animal). I have noticed how many times I have been sitting there and there are a few seconds of downtime and I reach for it. Auggie is playing and I am not a part of the game so instead of watching him, I grab my phone to see the latest Coronavirus report (it hasn’t changed that much since the morning). When I reached and it wasn’t there I jumped down and joined Auggie’s game.

Since starting this little experiment, Steph and I have agreed that we will start leaving our phones at the door. We tried this two years ago and failed (we still have the box though). I think this time will be different. Why? We have embraced minimalism more. We still have plenty of things and are working on having less. If you haven’t watched our YouTube videos then you may not know, our house is up for sale.

Where are we moving to………we are buying a larger Rig and we are going to live in a camper for at least six months. While this will help us minimize our actual belongings, it will also help us as we are wanting to minimize our focus more as well. Our number one focus is God. Second is our family which puts Auggie as our main focus. So, reducing our time spent in front of a screen, not for work is time we are going to be deliberate with. We will still watch videos and scroll through the interwebs, but we will schedule that time, so it doesn’t take away from life and when we thought it was going to be ten minutes and we look up and it has been an hour……those days are over – or that’s the goal.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading my words after being away. If not, well I can’t help you…tehehehehehe. Anyways hopefully you will take the time to look into what is important in your life during this time of uncertainty and devote your time, your attention, and your passion to what you are most passionate about.

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