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Quarantine Haircuts

This may not seem like a big deal to most. Although right now most people are wishing they could get their hair cut during quarantine. In general, most kids will get their haircut with no real fuss. Maybe a little but not full out knock down fight.  Since day one Auggie has had an issueContinue reading “Quarantine Haircuts”

Auggie is Auggie and Man is He Brave

Auggie has Autism……… There. I have finally written the words out. This is one of the hardest things I have ever written down. The reason this is hard…it’s not because we are ashamed or worried. I don’t want anyone to look at my son any differently than they did before his diagnosis. The term isContinue reading “Auggie is Auggie and Man is He Brave”

Finding the FRESHEST produce during COVID-19

Well, it’s been a week for us in self-isolation and it’s had its ups and downs. I’m in so many group chats. Some of the things I consistently hear are: “I can’t find eggs” “I can’t find produce” “I hate going to the grocery store!” It’s not easy. Right now, those that are practicing self-isolationContinue reading “Finding the FRESHEST produce during COVID-19”

The Best Christmas Gifts are Free

[Written last year…] Today, as I was driving my son to school, there was a fire truck with its lights flashing, and siren blaring. This truck was headed somewhere important and needed to get there fast. Auggie was letting me know, as all three-year old’s do, that “There is a fire truck Daddy”. So, weContinue reading “The Best Christmas Gifts are Free”

Opt Outside on Black Friday

Black Friday. A holiday that has really become black Thursday in many cases. One of the things that make us the saddest is that we find more and more families are not having Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they are having a pre-Black Friday meal. Conversations are not about what we are thankful for and the gratitudeContinue reading “Opt Outside on Black Friday”