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Finding the FRESHEST produce during COVID-19

Well, it’s been a week for us in self-isolation and it’s had its ups and downs. I’m in so many group chats. Some of the things I consistently hear are:

  • “I can’t find eggs”
  • “I can’t find produce”
  • “I hate going to the grocery store!”

It’s not easy. Right now, those that are practicing self-isolation and social distancing are fearful. How long will this last? What does the future look like? The truth is, no one knows. We are only just beginning to understand what this next phase of life will look like.

So, in the meantime, I wanted to share what I hope will be some useful resources to ease some of the things we are all experiencing right now.

“I can’t find eggs”

If you’ve never checked out local farms in your area, now is the time! We are fortunate to live in Florida, but I know that there are resources all over the country. Locally, we have places where we can buy chicken and duck eggs. On average, they are roughly $8 per dozen. This is higher than what we would normally find in the grocery store, but for us, they are fresh, the chickens are raised humanely, and the eggs are delicious. Overall, it’s one of the less expensive protein options out there.

“I can’t find produce”/”I hate going to the grocery store!”

Farmers’ markets and local farms are doing their best to keep things running during this pandemic. To me, this is a reminder that while department stores and large retailers are very important for distribution and sales, we’ve almost become too reliant on them. There is a blossoming community of farmers across this country that are local or ship great products to you. In this time of panic, maybe it’s time to go back to simple.

In Florida, we are fortunate that this is the season for wintery greens, blueberries, strawberries, and always a season for peppers. This is the time of year where you can find the BEST produce at the market. PLUS, it’s open-air and easier to navigate social distancing.

Below are a few resources to help you get started! Feel free to email us at if you need help creating recipes, finding alternative resources, or just want to share additional resources in your area!

Some local places for North Central Florida:

Swallowtail Farms – produce, eggs, dairy, berries

Eggnostics Fruits & Vegetables – Produce, eggs, plants…PLUS the most delicious pound cakes!

Siembra Farms – Produce

Fresh Song Organics – Produce, meats, eggs, jams

Rogers Farm – Produce, strawberries

Red, White, and Blue Farms – blueberries

The Family Farm – Produce

Wild Man Foods – seafood, meat, premade dinners (paleo friendly)

Graham Cattle – Beef products (Ground Beef, Chorizo, Beef Jerky, etc.)

Online Places for Meat:

Five Mary’s Farms – based out of California, their meat boxes are well-priced for quality.

Local Hen – put in your zip code and find some local options!

Farmer’s Market Lookup – The USDA has a great resource for looking up local markets in your area! Starting at a 5-mile radius!

If you want to get the latest updates from these farms, I highly suggest checking out their Facebook pages. They have been the most up-to-date in my experience!

Our family is keeping yours in our prayers and we hope that you ALL stay healthy, whether you are a traveling family or sticks and bricks! We will all come out of this stronger than we could have ever imagined!


The Langstons

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