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We Finally Did It

We finally, after almost a full year of discussing, thinking about what camper fit our needs and when to buy it, we pulled the trigger and bought this awesome rig!

We went to Campers Inn in Jacksonville Florida, and picked her up on January 19, 2019.

She’s a Forest River Salem Cruise Lite 201bhxl!

Our family has been looking for a way to travel more for the past few years. Steph and I have always been “on-the-go” type people and early in our relationship, we were always out and about finding new places to hike, ride bikes, and experience new cities. Traveling is a part of who we are as a couple, and this rig gives us the opportunity to introduce this to Auggie without having to worry about our dogs, who are a huge part of our family (as they should be). The last thing we wanted to do on our travels is leave them in the house all day, come home late, and barely get them the love and attention they deserved. So, now the dogs can some with us, and if they are not welcome at an attraction we are going to, then we leave them in the air conditioner and can let them out a lot sooner than if we had to drive all the way home.

Our second driving force behind the decision of getting a rig was, food on the road. There are not to many healthy choices when traveling, at least not budget friendly options. Now, Steph can make us delicious foods on the side of the road need be ( she is such a good cook I’ve gained twenty pounds since we got married).

We are looking forward to all the adventures we are going to have in our new rig, affectionately called Addy. What we look forward to the most is seeing the world through Auggie’s eyes, an innocent young child who finds joy in everything. Auggie sees everyone as a friend, and every place as an adventure. As we teach him, we’re excited to see what he teaches us as well!

We are working on putting up a link, where you can share your story with us, and everyone else who visits our page.

So while you follow us as we write our own story, we encourage you to figure out yours and make sure you are the author.

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