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Living with Intention

Hi! This is Steph…known to Randy and Auggie as Buttercup or Mommy. I love our little family. We have our challenges…[we have a 3 year old]…but we’re lucky. We’re lucky in a lot of ways, but recently I’ve been reflecting on how we manage to juggle our life. From the beginning, Randy and I have always had a crazy schedule. Part of me naively thought that would change once we moved into our house and had Auggie. But it just didn’t happen. Every time we took away something in our schedule, something else added to the chaos. For a while, we let the chaos make our decisions for us. We tried to buy happiness, and we let the world control us.

Then, one day, we randomly watched a YouTube episode of a fulltime RV family, Keep Your Daydream. As their adventures filled our living room, the three of us marveled at the parts of the States they were seeing. So, we made the decision to take control of our world. The decision to start downsizing and seeking adventure was easy. The thought of doing it all, is at times, daunting, but worth it! Over the past 9 months, we’ve cleaned out most of our house, except for the things we have chosen, with intention, to keep.

What we’ve learned in the past 9 months:

– We don’t miss all the “stuff” we had crammed into our house.

– Our house is so much easier to keep clean!

– We’re able to spend more time on adventures and less time cleaning.

– We’ve started taking our dreams and turning them into goals.

I can’t count the number of people who ask us if we’re taking enough time to slow down and relax. To be honest, I’ve never been that person, and I don’t really think Randy has either. Moving, adventuring, and filling every moment outside of obligations to work and school with Auggie time is what makes us ‘tick’. We relax when we’re in our rig and unplugging from everything! We relax, knowing that we are experiencing life together and capturing these memories for Auggie. We know that every weekend won’t be filled with trips in the rig, but they will be filled with fun, family time, and growing together.

I’m excited/nervous/anxious/happy, and a whole range of other emotions, about sharing our story with you and I’m excited to hear yours as well!

❤ Steph

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