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America’s Pastime!

Baseball. Take me out to the old ball game. One of my favorite games (baseball and golf are close together golf getting the slight edge). I was probably around 14 when I went to my first baseball game, at least that I remember. I really couldn’t have remembered how old I was until I googledContinue reading “America’s Pastime!”

Panic & a Safe Kitchen

Updated: Oct 24, 2019 We’re sitting. It’s a fun family day out. There are smiles, laughs, bad dad jokes, and then…panic. Living with someone with food allergies is not for the faint of heart. It’s not something I’d wish on anyone. It’s some of the most panicked moments I’ve ever had as an adult. Realizing thatContinue reading “Panic & a Safe Kitchen”

Lessons: A Day in Disney with Auggie

Yes, it can be done. Our video this week was themed on the fact that we went to Animal Kingdom and did not spend a dime (outside of buying the tickets & parking). We brought in our own food. We brought in refillable water bottles (Disney offers free water). We also did not buy anyContinue reading “Lessons: A Day in Disney with Auggie”

A picnic and raising a Good Human

Ok maybe you watched the video. If not here is a link to watch it really quick I can wait: There is not much that I can write about that is not in this video. I will add just a little more, though. This was Auggie’s last Saturday before starting real school. Not daycare. HeContinue reading “A picnic and raising a Good Human”

Memorial Day Weekend @ Thousand Trails

Thousand trails……. Is it worth it?  Spoiler alert, YES! This was absolutely my favorite campground we have been to, so far. The views were so beautiful at the lake that even though it was a three-day weekend, and most people were taking that opportunity to sleep in each and every one of them (Stephenie included),Continue reading “Memorial Day Weekend @ Thousand Trails”

To the Baseball Fields We Will Go!

In this week’s video once again…. nothing went as planned. I told Auggie I would take him to the baseball fields so he could run the “real” bases. Well its little league season, and we had received a lot of rain. So…the baseball fields by the house were flooded and unusable. I planned to useContinue reading “To the Baseball Fields We Will Go!”

Nothing Ever Goes as Planned

This weekend ended up being kind of hectic. We had planned a nice relaxing weekend……That was our first mistake. We started the weekend off with a race benefiting a local daycare that is associated with the University of Florida. Stephenie has always run races and enjoys running, me…not so much. Stephenie ran a half marathonContinue reading “Nothing Ever Goes as Planned”