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Quarantine Haircuts

This may not seem like a big deal to most. Although right now most people are wishing they could get their hair cut during quarantine. In general, most kids will get their haircut with no real fuss. Maybe a little but not full out knock down fight. 

Since day one Auggie has had an issue getting his hair cut, to say the least. We have had to hold him down while screaming and throwing an absolute fit.

This kid…. We can all learn something from him. This is one of his biggest fears, maybe the biggest. He decided that he was going to find a way to overcome his fear. He is about to turn five years old. He received his first haircut right before his first birthday. After four years of terror. Four years of every time we drove past the barbershop and crying, begging not to get a haircut. He decided that he was going to watch sesame street haircut episode. He was cringing moving in his seat he was so uncomfortable.

But he sat there. He watched that episode time and time again. And then…. he decided it was time to start playing pretend haircut like they do in the show. 

We sat there for hours playing haircut, barbershop or beautiful shop as Auggie called it. Until he finally agreed. One snip. One cut. One GIANT move for Auggie. He allowed Stephenie to cut the long section in the back of his head that was starting to look like a rat tail. 

Hopefully, we can all take a little inspiration from Auggie. We are so proud of him. When there is an obstacle in his way, he puts his head down and charges forward. We can all learn that lesson. The obstacle in our way may not be something that terrifies us until we are in tears. It may be paying off that debt, walking into the gym we have been neglecting, or taking a leap of faith for your career.  Whatever it is that’s in our way the hurdle is not too tall.

We may not overcome what is in our way in one day, it may take four years like Auggie. But it can happen.

We are still learning about resources to help Auggie. He is not over this fear. He is still so uncomfortable to think about a haircut. As we learn we will grow with him. [Stephenie: For me, I find that this has been such a big comfort during this season of unknown. I have my own obstacles that I’m trying to overcome, and this is the perfect reminder to take one step at a time and push forward. I am continually grateful for the lessons that this little man is teaching us.]

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