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Our first Revamped Year

We looked back at all the shenanigans that we got into last year. By shenanigans, we mean family time.

This was a fun video to make. When most people look back over there past year, they do not have a sequential list of videos, evidence to look at for the past year. Its kind of crazy to look back and see all that we discovered this past year.

We may have always spent this much time outside, doing different activities and adventurers…or we may have done less. Either way, looking back, it is kind of crazy. Every time I look back though, I appreciate having this channel more and more. There have been weekends where we had things that were more important than going on an adventure. Laundry, pressure wash the house and so on. Documenting our journey has forced me to do these things during the week as much as possible. It’s not like I could put off laundry forever. Or can I? [Steph: No we cannot 😉]

My favorite trip of this year was when Auggie and I spent a week in the camper. I was able to spend more time with Auggie. All the cleaning that had to be done that week, was done in about ten minutes a night. All my other time was spent with him. I did have to wait till Steph got back to do the laundry. I was not taking a four-year-old to wait an hour on laundry to finish. We spent every night doing something different. We played games, we rode bikes, he even rode is battery-powered tractor around. Due to weather, we could not do the one thing Auggie wanted to do the most. He wanted that swimming pool. I am going to speak for Auggie and say this was his favorite week, too. Although he would probably say that it was slinky dog, but hey, who asked him?

[Steph: It’s hard for me to pick a favorite week. But in looking back, I think it was our trip to North Beach. I love the beach and Randy isn’t the biggest fan, so I’m trying to get Auggie to like it as much as I do. The water has always been my comfort when life gets hard. This MBA program, while I hope will be a catalyst for our future, is not easy. The time it takes away from Auggie and the time away from my demanding job for a while had me questioning whether or not to continue. Our weekend trips have honestly kept me sane during this very short, but stressful season of life. I’m grateful for the time to unplug and focus on our family. It also makes it easier for me to be in class being somewhat selfish to further my education, knowing that Auggie and Randy are having a great time building their relationship. Because of Randy’s work schedule the first few years of life, I feel like we’ve switched roles a little. I got those first few years to have a lot of Mommy & Auggie time. Now, it’s their turn, and I’m working to make our future the best it can be from what I contribute.]

We hope you enjoyed seeing our year so condensed. It was really hard to put this in seventeen minutes. We still want to hear your story. There is a section on our webpage that is called tell us your story. Head over there and write a message telling your story. You can even write once a week if you would like. No rules. That part of our website is for you!

We look forward to hearing your story!

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