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Happy New Year!

I am writing this around Christmas time, so of course, this topic would come to my mind. Right around the corner will be the New Year. This will bring on the famous New Year’s resolutions. I try not to have too many resolutions. Mainly because I want to have resolutions all year long.

Sure, there are things that I would like to change in the New Year, but I am not waiting till the magical first of January to start them. Today would be nice. For me, the main goal/resolution that I have set for this year is to eat better. I am not saying I am only going to eat certain foods; I am just wanting to eat whole foods that have not been processed. Fresh food that I have to cook, cut out as many restaurants as possible. [Steph: Special occasions like vacation call for some restaurant eating, but depending on where you go, you can find better options…usually. I have the same goal, in addition to finding my exercise routine again. I took the end of the year not to go crazy, but to give my body time to rest. Rest mostly from the stress of work, finals, and navigating a new school with Auggie. I plan to enjoy our weeklong vacation, then when we get back, I’ve signed up for the Fed and Fit project for the month of January as a way to use a cookbook I already have to have a fresh and clean start for the new year. It’s not a diet, but more of a reset to continue healing so I can be my best as I focus on much larger (and scarier) goals for 2020.]

While my main goal in 2020 is not something that I have to take a step back to be able to step forward, there are several opportunities that people are afraid to go after because of a “step backward”. In the past, my greatest success has come from these steps backward. I would like to encourage you to take the chance. It may not really be a step backward.

[Steph: In talking about New Year’s Resolutions and whether or not to have them, I agree with Randy in the sense that I make goals (sometimes lofty goals) whenever they need to be made. This is just a good time of year to take the opportunity to sit back and reflect. I’m writing this a little later than Randy, and as I sit here looking at the Blue Ridge Parkway front of me, I know that I want the beginning of this decade to be about our family growing and strengthening our individual selves, together. That may sound odd, but Randy, Auggie, and I are so different. Well, Randy and Auggie are a lot alike in their personality, but you get the point. That means that while I have very major goals, my job is to make sure that while I’m pursuing my goal, I’m also cheering, supporting, and encouraging Randy and Auggie to do the same. I graduate at the end of 2020 and I know exactly what I want to do after graduation, but it’s going to take work, the changes that will happen as a result require our family to be on the same page, and they require that when I’m not working towards that goal, my sole focus is on our family and quality time with my guys. I don’t want to look back in 2030 and regret anything about our family time together. I want to look back and see a family that loves one another, supports one another and shares our time and resources with others. If you’ve ever had a gut feeling about things, this is where I’m at. I have this gut feeling that we can do some amazing and great things, but that’s only if we reach for those things hand in hand working as a family and team.]

Another goal of mine for 2020 is to grow this blog and be consistent, at least one post a week that will match up with our videos. While this doesn’t sound all that difficult, this is not my job. I have a full-time job and a family. I am also spending a lot more time editing our videos trying to learn to be a better editor.

I would like to set the same goal as last year for this year. This is the one that I have to take a step back. I would like to reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. I made this goal last year and did not achieve it. So, I need to step back and see what I need to do to make our videos better. The reason for having a subscriber goal is that I feel we have a great message to get out there. Every family can get out there and do life with their kids. We provide ideas of activities that families with little time can do. Also, activities that really don’t cost much money, if any. We also throw in a little R.V content.

So, if you have not already clicked the link to subscribe to our YouTube channel, click this link to help me toward my goal. step out there and find people to help you towards your goals for 2020!

Here’s to A Great 2020!

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