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Pumpkin Love

Buy a pumpkin feed a child. What a great idea! If nothing else this is great marketing. This brings us back every year. Granted they do not make a penny off their efforts. All the money this pumpkin patch makes goes back to feed a child in need. 

We have been bringing Auggie to this same pumpkin patch for since he was 1. The thing that first brought us in was the fact that Mater the Tow Truck was sitting out front. We knew Auggie would get a kick out of seeing one of his favorite characters in person.  This year Mater was a little bit louder and Auggie was not a fan of that. While Mater brought us in, their mission keeps us coming back every year.

The mission of giving back is very important to Stephenie and me. We wish we could spend more time giving back and hopefully when she graduates, we can do way more volunteering. But, right now, one way we can give back is the way we spend our money. We seek out places like this. Places that use their proceeds to give back. This church could build a whole outreach center if they wanted to with the proceeds, but they stick to why they started the patch and that is to help feed hungry children. 

And not only do they give back. Every year they bring something new and different in to help grow to feed more children. When we first went to this patch, all I remember is Tow Mater and a corn bin for the younger children to play in. Now there is a bounce house, tractor, Jurassic park truck, and a dinosaur.  I am sure there are several things that I am leaving out that are a part of this pumpkin patch. 

While the pumpkin patches are all wrapped up for the year. Be sure to try to find ways to give back with all your purchases. Coming up soon will be this tiny holiday no one has heard of called Christmas. Google it so you know what it is. You can look into different places to buy your Christmas trees that are giving back to those in need. [Stephenie: You can also use the to purchase your gifts and it gives money back to the charity of your choice! We have ours set for Ronald McDonald House Charities]

We can always give back in different ways. Being intentional in the way that we buy presents and gifts for those we love is one of the easiest. Don’t just buy something for someone just to say you bought something. If the “present” you are buying them is just because you feel obligated to buy them something. Don’t. If you do believe they will receive value from what you are buying them then buy it. But if not, then show them that you know them by picking a cause that is important to them and donate your time or your money to in their honor to this cause. [Stephenie: It may not be traditional, but my parent’s gift every year has been my brother and I buy a gift for a child in need through our church or other organization. We take a picture of the gifts and put it in a card. We get them something small like a picture, but their main gift is something they’ve asked for since we were in high school, and I love that it’s a tradition for us!]

In today’s world, most people who are receiving gifts, are people who do not really need anything. The average household in America has over 300,000 things in the home. These people are the ones receiving a gift to put in a drawer, not to be seen just because someone would have felt guilty for not buying them something. Instead, think about ways the money for this item could be used for doing some good. 

Not that we shouldn’t be giving and receiving gifts.  Gifts can be great when well thought out. As long as you sincerely believe that you are adding value to a person’s life, then you have chosen to add to that person’s life. Maybe I have combined two seasons and two topics here. It is never too early to give to those in need. Especially when it just means being intentional with our actions.

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