Disney & Trucks

And were off. We had a prior engagement in Gainesville on Saturday, so we headed out as soon as we were done, to go to Disney on Sunday.

On the way down everything seemed to be going just as it should. We had the camper in tow. Singing the same song that Auggie had been wanting to sing for the past hour. Then, ding ding ding…truck coolant low. Not what I wanted to see on my dashboard. So, I kept an eye on the temperature gage the whole way down and checked it out as soon as we got there. I was low. The level was actually below the minimum level.

Whelp, time to hop on the old bicycle (one of the perks of having the bikes with us) and ride to the nearest auto parts store and pick some up. Then we were good to go. [Little did we know this was only the beginning of the vehicle troubles. I did not catch this on camera, but the DEF quality low light came on next and then Steph’s car went into the shop.]

Well anyway… we ended up going into Magic Kingdom the next day. We did some of the same things we did the first time and also saw some new rides. Auggie did great once I went back to the truck to get his headphones [Rookie mistake].

Around 2:30 Auggie asked to go back to the camper. While we were having a fun at the park, Auggie does love to just hang out at the camper. It had been quite some time since he had really been able to just enjoy the camper. We have just been using it as a means of getting to a destination. We love that about our son. He loves going to see different things and explore. Although he does prefer a hike to Disney. He also enjoys just hanging out and relaxing. Give that boy two hot wheels & he is good for hours. This is not always the easiest thing for us to remember as parents. For some reason we are always trying to make sure he is doing something. He has an activity to keep him busy. Well we like down time and so does he. [Steph: It’s been a busy month for our family with Auggie starting a new school and getting acclimated to a new routine. I was so grateful for that afternoon of relaxing. We got to swim, cook tacos, and laugh a lot. We made it back home early enough to get everything ready for Monday and get enough sleep. It was really, just wonderful!]

The only way you know we left the park so early is if you are reading this. There is no video of us relaxing. Even though there was a little footage I did not record most of this. It was a time for us to relax and enjoy being with each other. I love recording, if I didn’t, we wouldn’t have our channel. I also enjoy sharing our story and documenting these adventures so Auggie can look back one day and hopefully spark a memory. I really do hope by sharing our story on YouTube, we inspire other families who don’t adventure to get out there. You do not have to be a fulltime traveler to see things you normally wouldn’t. There are endless things to do near your home. The more I research, the more I find. So, whether it is a trip to Disney or a trip to a state park that has a pioneer day.

Get out and explore.

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