A picnic and raising a Good Human

Ok maybe you watched the video. If not here is a link to watch it really quick I can wait:

There is not much that I can write about that is not in this video. I will add just a little more, though. This was Auggie’s last Saturday before starting real school. Not daycare. He is at the School he will be at until eighth grade, or until we move. That is kind of crazy to think about.

I am so glad that I was able go on this ride with Auggie even though I was exhausted. This little boy is growing before my eyes and super quickly. Stephenie and I are trying to guide him into the man we believe he should be. From every morning making him say “It’s going to be a great day today” to his evening prayers. A good man.

There is so much violence in the world and while we can’t shelter him from all of the negative things in the world, we try to guide him to know right from wrong. He picks up a squirt gun and tells people he is going to kill them (One of the reasons we keep guns from him) but we have to explain to him that there is no returning from being killed. There are no health bars to go grab to make it better.

There is more and more competing for our son’s attention. We spend so much time trying to vet the things that he sees or hears. But there will always be things that get through. I have no idea where he even learned the word “Killed”.

The best defense I have found so far from keeping these things from him is…. Well I have not found one yet. But I do know the best offense to keep my son knowing right from wrong is to teach him and to just be there. Every time he learns a new bad habit, is when Stephenie or I have to work crazy hours and one of us is trying to hold down the fort.

[Steph’s Interjection: Randy’s right. I’m not sure where he learned this word, or what he thought it meant, but it was a “STOP in your tracks” moment and we sat with him and explained exactly what Randy said. By the end of our conversation, we were talking about capturing the bad guy and putting him jail, and to be honest, we really haven’t heard him say it again. When he’s playing, we capture the bad guys and tell them to be nice.]

So, my secret sauce for parenting…. Stephenie. I would like to think she would say the same about me, but who knows. A united team is when we are at our best and when our son is the happiest. I worked so much two weeks ago that I almost doubled my normal pay. However, the sacrifice Auggie had to make was to great. He was not going to bed and he would call saying that he just wanted his Daddy. This is odd because Stephenie usually does the bedtime routine.

[Steph: I agree, Randy and I work best as a team. We created Auggie and while he has his own personality, I see parts of ours in him. There are some things that Randy can explain and get through to him much easier than I can. While at other times, I get where Auggie is coming from. I think that’s the beauty of it all. We created this little human and God made him like us so we would have the tools we needed to raise him. We haven’t unlocked all the secrets by any means, but we are listening and learning along the way.

While some might think we’re over sensitive, or a little strict, with the words we use, it’s important to us #1 above anything else that we raise a good human who contributes positively to this world. Do I want Auggie to be successful…sure…but I don’t know what that looks like. He could go to college, med school, or trade school…I could care less if he’s happy and a good human.]

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