Sharing Hobbies as a Dad

Golf…. Man, this game has been a staple in our little family from the beginning. Stephenie has been around golf most of her life. I mean, she spent a lot of her life living across the street from the golf course. Her dad plays golf (and isn’t too shabby). I worked as an assistant superintendent for the university golf course for four plus years and have a degree in Turfgrass management from Penn State. Needless to say Auggie has grown up and will grow up around golf.

I believe that it’s a good game for the little man to learn. It teaches him several values like sportsmanship, taking turns and the all important “give me”. I love this game and want Auggie to love it too. So far, I have been lucky. He loves going to the golf course and playing golf. Especially if there is a golf cart involved. As a parent, this game on the professional level has several players for him to look up to, including people like Jordan Spieth, Ricki Fowler, and a whole host of others. These players not only play a great game, they give to charity and promote sportsmanship. I want Auggie to see this and emulate these traits.

The biggest challenge I feel I face as a parent is not trying to force my child to like the things I like. I like golf, fishing, camping, hiking and many other activities, as you can see from our videos. I am pretty lucky that over all, Auggie has similar interest. But there are other areas in life that he likes, things that I am not crazy about. Right now, he is really into dragons. It is no secret that I am not crazy about dragons. I like the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” which is where Auggie learned about dragons, but that’s where my interest ends. Auggie is all or nothing when he gets into something. He gets that from me. I try and embrace everything he is into for the time being knowing that this may be a phase or it could be a lifelong interest. As long as I can share time with Auggie, I’m willing to expand my interests so I can bond with him.

I do believe that Auggie and I will always have something to share, even if it changes over time. My goal is to always have something no matter how small to bond with Auggie over. Whether it’s dragons, golf, basketball, or my favorite… travel. As long as Auggie and I share something, we share everything.

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