Why the long face?

Why the long face?……Okay so I may have said it was the best Dad joke ever, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. 

This place was amazing! I have to admit, I thought we would be there for ten minutes and run out of things to do. I mean you can only feed so many horses. But this place has 335 acres of farm land to take care of the horses and other animals that have been mistreated, or were no longer useful to their owner, so there would be no telling what might have happened to them (use your imagination). There are 140 horses that are currently retired there. They also have a few other animals. The farm has been in operation since 1984. The people who started this are amazing. Fully run on donations, it takes approximately $400,000. If you would like to donate and help this farm here is a link to help out.

Auggie had a blast! Getting to feed horses is not something he would have most likely been able to do without farms like this. We are not farmers or ranchers, nor do we intend to be. The most unique animal we have is Ally our dog. We try and expose Auggie to as many ways of life as possible, let him become his own human. We love the fact that he had the chance to get to know these horses and interact with them. He learned that not all horses want to be bothered, that horses and other animals have personality’s just like humans. 

Auggie’s favorite horse had to be Lance-A-Lot. That horse followed him for close to half a mile. I can’t blame him though Auggie was not stingy with the carrots. We were able to tell Auggie the story of ance-A-Lot, how he was a police horse. Auggie loves meeting the police (not the band). This horse was no longer able to perform his duty, so he taken there to relax and retire. Side note: That has to be weird for the police officer that had him for all those years on the force, to just have to say goodbye. Auggie really did not want to leave but, he did want to go to his friend’s birthday party. So, off we went.

Auggie had a blast at his friend’s birthday party, that now he wants one of his own. Before when we asked him, he just wanted to go on a special camper trip. But after seeing all of his friends outside of school, he wanted one of his own. So, we have scrambled to put a birthday party together on short notice for him. That little boy has really come out of his shell this year. With being in occupational therapy, and of course having the camper, he is learning how to be in different social situations and when other people are around it is ok. Little man acts like he is running for mayor when we are in the camper, shaking hands and kissing babies, maybe not that last part. Although, he keeps telling us he is going to go visit his baby cousin and hold him soon.

Whether it is feeding horses or going to parties, letting Auggie be Auggie has been a lot of fun. Yes, that’s a little cliché, and I am about to be a little more. I am learning from him, learning that even though you don’t feel like doing something, or your little uncomfortable, participate, try and see if you can get use to whatever the activity is that you didn’t want to do. Who knows maybe you will even like it? I am not a fan of swimming. But I am participating for my son, learning from him.

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