Memorial Day Weekend @ Thousand Trails

Thousand trails……. Is it worth it? 

Spoiler alert, YES!

This was absolutely my favorite campground we have been to, so far. The views were so beautiful at the lake that even though it was a three-day weekend, and most people were taking that opportunity to sleep in each and every one of them (Stephenie included), I woke up before sunrise to get some pretty awesome footage! The pool was awesome. There is actually two full size pools and a spa. Oh yeah, there is also a little one-and-a-half-foot pool for the kiddos. The staff is awesome everyone helps you without hesitation. We have been to one other thousand trails property, the peace river resort in Wauchula FL. We like this property as well but the campground that will get us to pay for a membership after the free camping is over (We received a free membership when we purchased our R.V) is the Orlando R.V Resort. There are several other properties that we will try but the membership is worth it for this park alone. Oh, did I mention free kayak rentals! They do require a deposit but that will be returned the moment you return.   

We didn’t venture out too much from the campground with all the amenities that were offered, but we did pull ourselves away for a few hours to go to the Lake Ridge Winery. This is Florida’s oldest winery (I am taking their word for it). I have only ever been to one other wine tasting before. At the first one I went to, we sat down, and they brought the wine to us, it was great. While lake ridge was great, the wine was tasty, the vineyard was beautiful, you did have to walk station to station. This isn’t so bad, they are close, but for me I only have 25% hearing in my right ear, so when there are multiple people talking at one time, I have trouble hearing. That is the only thing I would have changed about the whole thing though. Once we were done tasting, we took the next logical step, and purchased a bottle of wine, a cheese platter, and went outside and enjoyed the beautiful May day. Watching Auggie grow has become my new favorite past time. I know I mention that he is growing every day but, seeing him jump up on the stage and start singing, he has become a long way from the shy little boy he was just six months ago, before we bought our camper. 

This video did take place over Memorial Day weekend. I just want to take a minute and remember that we get a three-day weekend, because some people no longer have weekends with their families. This day is not about the BBQ, the pool, or even the camper trip. It is about remembering those who gave it all. We were grateful that the resort had a Memorial Day service to honor those who weren’t with us. As Steph explained to Auggie, these people went to keep us safe and weren’t able to come back to see their families. He stood and said the pledge and sang the anthem. So, while I’m not entirely sure he understood what the day stood for, it was a starting step so we all never forget. 

Here is a link for great information on Memorial Day.

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