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To the Baseball Fields We Will Go!

In this week’s video once again…. nothing went as planned. I told Auggie I would take him to the baseball fields so he could run the “real” bases. Well its little league season, and we had received a lot of rain. So…the baseball fields by the house were flooded and unusable. I planned to use these fields because I knew there was no little league. What I didn’t think about was the weather and that we would not be able to use the fields. Once we saw the flooded fields, we went all over town to every other field to see if there was an open field. After a few hours of trying I finally convinced him the best thing was to stop and eat lunch. We went to Beef O’ Brady’s so he could watch baseball as he ate. At this point there was only one baseball field that I could think of left. We pull in and of course little league.

So, we sat in the stands and watched a game. Went out to the playground threw the ball and played on the playground. Then, we received a call about a family emergency and that there would be no baseball. Auggie was ok because I told him we could ride bikes on the university campus to go get mommy, who was in class. He acted like such a big boy and was a champ in a not fun situation and cheered mommy up. Everything ended up being okay and now Auggie just tells friends and family not to play bumper cars.

Now on Sunday I knew there was no little league. Auggie and I woke up early and headed out. We were the first ones to the field but surprisingly there were a few little league practices that early on a Sunday. We had a blast. I love watching Auggie smile as he runs around the bases. He doesn’t like hitting the ball off the tee either, he wants to be pitched to. He can hit the ball and when he does that cheer would make any dad smile, then he is off. As he runs the bases, he counts them off – first, second, third, and as he calls it home safe base.

I wish I would have caught more on video, I thought I had. So, this week’s video is the shortest we have ever produced, but one that makes me grin ear to ear when I watch it. Auggie is really coming into his own. He is making friends everywhere he goes and playing great with others. When we take the camper out, he acts like he is running for mayor, saying hi to everyone that passes, especially the puppies. Our biggest hope in the world, is that we stay out of his way and let him become the human he wants to be. Trying not to push baseball, soccer or any other activity. Just let him decide what he wants to do and who he wants to be – as long as that’s a good human.

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