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Nothing Ever Goes as Planned

This weekend ended up being kind of hectic. We had planned a nice relaxing weekend……That was our first mistake.

We started the weekend off with a race benefiting a local daycare that is associated with the University of Florida. Stephenie has always run races and enjoys running, me…not so much. Stephenie ran a half marathon only two days after finding out she was pregnant with Auggie. Races have always been important to her, but this gives her even more of a connection to running races. This was the first race we have ran as a Family, my first race period. It was a cool experience. With my health being up and down here lately none of us really prepared, so we walked quite a bit of it, Auggie rolled with the stroller option, smarter than the rest of us.

We had planned on getting housework done that day, nothing to exciting, except we were also planning on going Kayaking. We aren’t able to take the kayaks with us when we’re camping just yet. I need to get roof racks for the truck, which just aren’t a priority in our budget right now. As usual the plans we made changed, though. Stephenie has been wanting to upgrade Auggie’s bed for nearly a year now and one of her friends was selling a bunk bed that was only the top bunk, so Auggie would have more room for activities in his room. So, we took off to get his new bed, no problem, well one, we needed to get a mattress for the bed. This took a few hours and before we knew it the day was gone.

So, day two. I loaded up the kayaks and we headed out early (Steph had plans for the second half of the day). We put in at a place called Rum Island in High Springs, FL and enjoyed a nice peaceful paddle up the river. That early no one else was on the river yet. We usually put in there because it is about a five-minute paddle to Blue Springs State Park and we can let Auggie get out and swim. This time he stayed in the boat and excited for about three hours. He got to swim a few minutes before we left and then he and I hung out the rest of the day. He helped me mow the grass, wash the truck and do all kind of chores. He is becoming quite the little helper.

We always start the day off with these grand plans. We have too much stuff planned that there is no way we will get to them all. We do try and prioritize the list and make sure we tackle the most important. With Stephenie getting her MBA and me starting the YouTube channel and blog time gets away from us. We also have these pesky things called jobs that steal fifty hours or so of our time each week, our schedule is full, so we need and try to not worry about not having time to get to everything we want to. As long as we make time for the most important thing – Auggie, then we are happy. So, one load of laundry (or two) doesn’t get folded for a day or two, it’s all good, as long as Auggie knows he is loved and is able to experience life.

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