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Why do we do anything?

For us we do everything for the memories. The first memory that comes to my [RANDY] mind when I try to think back as far as I can are surprise camping trips.

I have no idea how old I was, but I remember being at a campground with my Grandma and Grandpa. I believe we were at Otter Springs in Bell, Florida. It was later in the day, we were not at the springs, we were at the pool. It wasn’t just us, it was my cousins as well. I was not yet able to swim (if you ask Steph I still can’t. It is more of a strong dog paddle). I am sitting on the edge; my Grandpa walks by pushes me in and walks back to the camper. That was the day I learned to survive in the water. Sounds bad if you don’t think about the fact there was plenty of people there to help me, but Grandpa knew I would figure it out.

Now we are trying make memories with Auggie. Maybe a little less literal sink or swim memories, but memories. That is the whole reason we bought the camper. To make memories. What we couldn’t anticipate was Auggie loving the camper so much he would never want to leave it.

The plan is to make memories and just use the camper as a tool to get to the places that will allow us to make those memories. Right now, the part that Auggie is enjoying the most is chilling in the camper with minimal technology. We are able to pay just a little more attention to him in the camper. He gets our undivided attention. There is less to worry about, there is no lawn to mow, no laundry to be washed. Nothing to do but find Adventure.

Everything in life will change, nothing stays the same forever. Except the memories you make.

Take a moment and think about the memories you have made recently. Are you proud to have that memory?

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